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Kanpur, Uttar Pradesh 208021
Managed By Saini Siksha Sansthan

Sardar Beant Singh Jee.
(Founder of the Academy)

Welcome to Guru Har Rai Academy: A Beacon of Education and Service.

Established on March 10th, 1993, by the visionary founder Sardar Beant Singh Ji, Guru Har Rai Academy is not just a school; it's a mission in itself. Managed by the Saini Sikhsha Sansthan, our journey is deeply rooted in the teachings and practices of Guru Har Rai Ji, inspiring a commitment to education and service.

Sardar Beant Singh Ji, our beloved founder, received his complete education under the guidance of Saints. His journey began in the village Gurudwara at Bhungarni, district-Hoshiarpur, Punjab, where he passionately recited Holy Scriptures. The very Gurudwara visited by Guru Har Rai Ji.

In 1955, driven by a desire to make a meaningful impact on society, Sardar Beant Singh Ji moved to Kanpur to earn his livelihood. His calling came when he envisioned the establishment of a school. Guided by the grace of God, he assumed the role of the President at Gurudwara Singh Sabha. Khalsa School sought the support of Gurudwara to manage its affairs, leading to Sardar Beant Singh Ji being appointed as the President of the school. With unwavering determination, he invested his personal savings to build the foundation of a brighter future. Within three years, the school's strength surged from 900 to an impressive 3700 students under his dynamic leadership.

During his 8-year tenure as president, the school witnessed remarkable growth – from 11 classrooms to 30, a testament to Sardar Beant Singh Ji's relentless efforts. Fueled by his hard work and dedication, he acquired a plot and realized his dream by constructing Guru Har Rai Academy. In its inaugural year, the school welcomed 300 students. The institution was not just a school but a manifestation of Sardar Beant Singh Ji's vision to illumine, awaken, and spread the ideology of his Guru. His belief, "One who opens a school closes a prison," reflects the profound impact of education in transforming lives. Sardar Beant Singh Ji's existence is devoted to God and the most wonderful creation of God – children.

Join us in this noble journey of education, enlightenment, and service. Guru Har Rai Academy is not just a school; it's a sanctuary of knowledge, where the seeds of wisdom are sown, nurtured, and grown into the leaders of tomorrow.